The GTS and VTS Charter of Values

Date: November 22, 2022

As we ease into Thanksgiving week, Virginia Theological Seminary will sign the affiliation agreement with General Theological Seminary. The affiliation is now confirmed. Now the important work of working together will begin.

At the November Board meeting, there was a plenary where both Boards gather to reflect on the appropriate values that shape this affiliation. It was work done in small groups comprised of Trustees from both schools. The result is as follows:

The theological values of the relationship between GTS and VTS are based on the commitment to witness the proclamation of the Gospel.

From our shared heritage and toward God’s horizon, in the love of the God who is making all things new, we are committed to:

Transformation in the service of God and God’s commonwealth of love;

Educating, Forming, and Training leaders, by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for the sake of the Church and the world;

Remaining centered in New York City and Alexandria, while building national and international reach;

Staying attentive to the movement of the Holy Spirit;

Seeking justice and care of creation;

Being grounded in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion and engaging with our ecumenical and interfaith partners.

Summary: To glorify God through Christian learning, worship, and hospitality

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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