The Joy of Formation Groups

Date: October 7, 2021

It was Dr. Mitzi Budde who shared at the Policy Administrative Meeting (PAM) how precious her Formation Group — meeting face to face — has become to her. It is true that the gift of proximity and presence is especially felt when we gather in a faculty home to share.

One gift of this year is that Dr. John Yieh and I are sharing a Formation Group. We alternate venues – one week at Dr. Yieh’s home and the following week at mine. The group really cares for each other. There is a deep concern and connection in the group.

Strangely the academic year — and each semester — are so short. The M.Div. program at Seminary is just 45 weeks; during an academic year, formation groups are just 30 weeks. Tomorrow is week six; there are just 24 left. As you enter afresh into the experience of this weekly gathering, just pause and be grateful. It will soon be over.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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