The Launch of Home and the Celebration of Jim Mathes

Date: December 8, 2021

We have had two lovely occasions this week. On Monday night we celebrated the launch of a new book from VTS Press, entitled Home. When Helen Reid, the wife of Richard Reid (VTS dean and president in the 1980s), wrote Search for the Invisible – the theme was “the invisible families of the Faculty on the campus.” When Lesley Markham asked Elaine Croft (her sister) to do the latest edition, which is called Home, the theme of the invisible families was extended. Now we have the lives of all the African Americans honored in the narrative. In addition, the wider context of America is described – from the arrival of refrigeration to the significance of email. Even more is made visible. You can buy the book here. Meanwhile congratulations to Elaine Croft for this remarkable contribution to our Bicentennial Anniversary.

Last night, we gathered in the Refectory to celebrate the Bishop Mathes years. We lifted up his pastoral presence, his gracious emails, his care about vocations, his willingness to help others, and of course, his achievement in creating a Dog Park here on campus. There was laughter; there was love.

A book is written and the author honored; a faculty member retires. These are important occasions in the life of this place.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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