The Ministry of Hospitality

Date: August 17, 2022

As I begin my senior year at VTS, I am reminded of the importance of the ministry of hospitality. We at VTS are known for it!

Spending the last few days welcoming juniors as they arrive in ones and twos, lending a hand with moves, meeting international students at the airport, my heart is full as I imagine the journey they are about to begin. I am also cognizant of the example that Jesus set during his time on Earth. He led by example, not as a king, but as a servant.

As we return to the Holy Hill for this Bicentennial year, I would encourage each of us to look for opportunities to extend hospitality wherever and whenever possible. There will surely be many. Seminary is a team sport as they say, and none of us makes it through alone. So be a friend, make a friend, and take the time to seek out those who may be feeling disconnected, disoriented, tired, or anxious. You could be the smiling face that makes all the difference for someone in need.

Welcome back, my friends, welcome back!

Michael Alford ’23 (M.Div.)
Bicentennial Student Body Chancellor

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