The partnership with St. George’s College, Jerusalem

Date: October 6, 2022

It is an honor to welcome Dean Richard Sewell to the campus today. The North American Committee of St. George’s College has a meeting and the Dean will be present. Richard Sewell is the COVID Dean of St. George’s College. The college depends on pilgrims. And COVID saw those pilgrims disappear. He has had the pressure and anxiety of managing this difficult season.

St. George’s College is very precious. It is a Christian witness in Jerusalem. We have deep connections with the college. Every year we aspire to send out students to the college. And hopefully, the alums of that course then have their turn in time organizing trips for their congregations. In our small way, as a Seminary, we aspire to support the College.

Do please welcome Dean Sewell. It is an honor to have him with us.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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