The Seminarians of Color Union (SOCU)

Date: August 23, 2023

The Seminarians of Color Union (SOCU) is one of the student-led organizations at VTS. The beginning of SOCU can be traced back to 2016.  The seminarians of color recognized the urgent need to care for all people of color on campus. SOCU is dedicated to providing students, staff, and faculty from various races, ethnicities, languages, and cultural backgrounds a safe and comfortable space, as well as fellowship to share their stories and journeys.

Year after year, SOCU keeps transforming inclusively through the participation of people of color from across states and nations. SOCU is also a place for international students of color attempting to acclimate to the United States.  And SOCU is grateful to have this opportunity to accompany the international students on this journey.  Together with the Office of Multicultural Ministries, SOCU plans and holds events which aim to lift all voices and enrich the sense of belonging among its members. SOCU looks forward to walking with its incoming and returning members to create a joyful, hopeful, and vibrant environment we can call home.

Claire Chia Lin-Wang and George Black
SOCU Co-Presidents

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