TryTank Recent Experiments

Date: August 5, 2022

While this week we have taken a tour of our strategic priorities, TryTank is also experimenting in other areas. Here are some of our recent experiments:  

  • We created a Holy Week experience where 838 people received multiple texts a day in real time (based on their time zone) following the last days and moments in the life of Jesus. 
  • Our Episcopal Pulse experiment (where some 1300 folks are sent a weekly micro-survey) is a success and the church can now find and use accurate, actionable data to inform decisions. 
  • We are in the editing room and will soon release a short film about what the church might be like in the next ten years. Using foresight methodology, we can make a few forecasts of some exciting developments for the church.
  • We will be launching two of our Innovation HUBS this fall: one in Ohio and one in London. These HUBS aim to decentralize innovation and to get as many members as possible of the body of Christ to participate in this work. 

I am very excited by what lies ahead in our work and with the potential with GTS. And I continue to be humbled that I get to do this work alongside all of you.

Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija
Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director, TryTank 

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