TryTank’s new chapter: TryTank Research Institute

Date: June 3, 2024

TryTank has been at the forefront of providing insights and innovative strategies to tackle ecclesiastical challenges. This past January, we made a slight change to our name, but a fundamental change to the basis of our work. TryTank Experimental Lab rebranded as TryTank Research Institute, marking a significant shift towards advancing theological research to address the evolving needs of the modern church.

This transformation signifies a move from solely in-the-field experimental projects to in-depth, scientific research with practical applications, particularly within The Episcopal Church. A key focus will be on engaging young adult families, a demographic often overlooked in religious studies. We are aiming to equip church leaders and congregations with adaptive strategies to ensure the church’s relevance and revitalization for future generations.

We also aspire to be a beacon for church research and evaluation, extending our influence beyond denominational lines. After all, most denominations are asking the same questions, it makes sense that we do it together.

The Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija, DMin, MBA
Chief Innovation Officer, VTS
Executive Director, TryTank Research Institute 

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