Welcome (Bem Vindo) to the Former Archbishop Naudal Gomez of Brazil

Date: February 22, 2023

I am pleased to welcome The Most Reverend Naudal Gomez and his wife Carmen who are staying with us till June this year. Bishop Gomez was formerly the presiding bishop and primate of the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil (Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil – IEAB). He was succeeded by Latin America’s first woman to hold that position, Bishop Marinez Rosa dos Santos Bassotto, last November.  

I highly encourage you to engage with them both on campus. They are a wonderful presence to our community and bring much insight as we share similar values and a history including a VTS alumni becoming their first ever Bishop. To learn a bit more about the work that he has done, here is a link to a recent chat with Bishop Gomez. Again, please do not miss this opportunity to welcome Bishop Gomez and his wife. They are a lovely couple and are full of amazing stories to learn from.  

A few words from Bishop Gomez and Carmen: 

My wife and I are very happy and thrilled to have been so warmly welcomed and hosted by VTS. VTS brings to mind the Missionary Society and all the missionaries sent to different countries around the world. We are grateful to God for having sent several missionaries, men and women, clergy and lay people, who started the mission of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil in 1890. We fondly remember the historical records that recount the work of two young priests, Morris and Kinsolving, who celebrated the liturgy in Portuguese for the first time on June 1, 1890. We also remember those who continued their work and left a footprint in our ecclesial history through their faith, determination, courage and sensitivity. Due to this historical relationship, we are filled with joy and moved as we walk through these spaces and interact with VTS students, faculty and employees. We raise to God, who is both Father and Mother, our prayers in thanksgiving for this great opportunity. We appreciate the warm welcome and care we have received from everyone. We especially want to thank Dean Ian for his special attention in receiving us. 

A very warm welcome to The Most Reverend Naudal Gomez and Carmen. Obrigado pela sua presença conosco!

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D,
Dean and President of Virginia Theological Seminary and President of General Theological Seminary 

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