Welcome to FY2022-23

Date: July 22, 2022

The Seminary presented a balanced budget for FY2022-23 and it was approved at the May Board meeting. We are pleased that we were able to give a cost-of-living adjustment to our full-time employees to help them manage in this period of rising inflation. This is always an exciting time of year when we experience progressive movement in our employee base. In Finance and Operations, we had two employees graduate this spring receiving their bachelor’s degrees – Shauna Gonzalez and Cassandra Gravina! We are so pleased to announce that effective July 1, Shauna was promoted to Assistant Director of the Butterfly House. As you read in Monday’s Commentary, Cassandra has accepted a wonderful career-advancing opportunity outside the Seminary. And we wish her much success. In Facilities Operations, Mohamed Mohamed was promoted to Maintenance Supervisor, Jose Reyes to Lead Carpenter, and Griffin Warder to Operations Manager.

This past year we had a record number of employees applying for continuing education funding. We encourage every employee to take advantage of this opportunity to take a course, seek a degree or certification in an area of interest. I am very proud that Virginia Theological Seminary is supporting our full-time employees in their pursuit of higher education and professional excellence!

Enjoy the remainder of the summer everyone, the beginning of the new academic year is close at hand.

Jacqui Ballou
Vice President for Finance, Administration and Operations

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