Welcome to Sharon Longley

Date: July 2, 2024

My name is Sharon Longley.  I am the new Guest Relations Specialist in the Welcome Center.  It has been a pleasure working at Virginia Theological Seminary for the past month.  I come to the campus having served as a pastor for seven years in Florida.  I traveled in ministry for 25 years singing professionally and ministering the gospel. I have written, directed and produced numerous stage plays while living in Florida. I am also a professional psalmist and song writer.

My most recent accomplishment is that I published my first book entitled “Seventy Times Seven: Healing Through Forgiveness” It was published April 23, 2024.  I am indeed excited about the many people whose lives will be impacted by its contents.  Being a person that had to forgive many people in my life, I write to help others know that it is possible to forgive after having endured many painful experiences.  My book ends on a triumphant note, by letting others know there is healing and many victories on the other side of the pain. Once you have made the decision to forgive, that gives the Holy Spirit freedom to fix those broken pieces of your life.

Please stop by the Welcome Center and introduce yourself. I look forward to meeting more of the Seminary community as students return to campus.

Sharon Longley

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