What Does Laura White Do?

Date: July 27, 2022

Anyone who has engaged the CXM office at VTS has encountered the excellent work of its administrative assistant. Barely a year on the job in the role of CXM Coordinator, the Rev. Laura White has quickly stepped up to ensure that everyone has the information that they need, that meetings are scheduled and communicated, and new sites added to our list of offerings.

The Rev. Laura White began serving in the Contextual Ministry office in 2021, and quickly determined that her primary responsibility was to be a bridge connecting the multiple moving pieces between Director, Seminarian, and Supervisor. With detail and preciseness, Laura maps out schedules, dates, times, locations for orientations, meetings, and one-on-ones. She also provides the appropriate correspondences to ensure all parties are informed of these details. Over the last year, Laura has created and edited documents to allow a clearer picture of guidelines and directives. And while the Director of Contextual was on sabbatical in spring 2022, Laura more deeply engaged the Seminarians, and executed the initial onboarding process for new Supervisors and sites.

In the midst of all of these various roles, Laura enjoys the work of ministry which she is experiencing at VTS and is committed to helping prepare Seminarians in this aspect of their ministry development. She very much enjoys learning from the Director as well as her departmental colleagues in Academic Affairs and Student Life Department. Anyone who works with her knows that she is committed to serving all she meets with kindness and patience.

She also drafted the Board report and wrote some of the commentaries that you read this week. Laura has amazing administrative skills, endless patience, and a deep love for Christ. It was a delight to work more closely with her this spring. As Altagracia returns to resume her work as Director, I know that she returns to a VTS that is more able to support a rich CXM experience for our students.

The Rev. Melody Knowles, Ph.D.
Vice President of Academic Affairs & Associate Professor of Old Testament
Acting Director of Contextual Ministry (Spring 2022)

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