Campus in the evening

Faculty Emeriti

Faculty Emeriti is a recognition bestowed in gratitude by the Board of Trustees of Virginia Theological Seminary, acknowledging retiring academic colleagues for their service to the Seminary.

Amelia J. Dyer, Ph.D.
The Rev. Jacques Hadler, Jr.
The Rev. Howard Hanchey, Ph.D.
The Rev. J. Barney Hawkins IV, Ph.D.
Mary Lewis Hix

The Very Rev. Martha Horne
The Rev. Richard Jones, Ph.D.
The Rev. Lloyd A. Lewis, Jr., Ph.D.
The Rev. Judith McDaniel, Ph.D.
The Rev. Margaret McNaughton, Ph.D.

The Rev. Burton Newman, Ph.D.
Allan Parrent, Ph.D.
The Rev. Robert Prichard, Ph.D.
The Rev. William Bradley Roberts, D.M.A.
Timothy Sedgwick, Ph.D.