Empowering Intercultural Leaders

Cross-cultural education programs for seminarians, fellowships, interreligious solidarity, & leadership training


We empower intercultural leaders through cross-cultural education programs
(CCEPs) that encourage seminarians to deepen their formation through short-term international experiences. CCEPs have taken place in Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Israel/Palestine, Italy, Kenya, Myanmar, Oman, Tanzania, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Our CACS Fellows program empowers intercultural leadership in the areas of World Anglicanism, Public Theology, and Peace and Reconciliation. Each Fellow produces research and writing that supports the Center and addresses questions that people of faith are asking today.

Interreligious solidarity is central to how we understand leadership. We work with a range of partners, especially with Muslim thinkers and leaders, as we promote dialogue and understanding that has local impact and international reach. In grant-funded initiatives, we have worked with leaders in North America, East Africa, and the Middle East. We produced a popular book, Faithful Neighbors: Christian-Muslim Vision and Practice (Morehouse, 2016).

In leadership training, we are particularly focused on how faith that is formed interculturally can nourish life-giving and reconciling witnesses in communities that experience polarization and conflict. In the grant-funded project Building Dialogue Across Conflict, we brought together teams from Israel/Palestine, Liberia, Tanzania, and the United States of America. The project strengthened relationships, deepened collaboration, and resulted in theological resources for understanding conflict and building peace.

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Faithful Neighbors: Christian-Muslim Vision and Practice