VTS Announces Publication of New Book from the Rev. Judy Fentress-Williams, Ph.D.

Date: March 9, 2021

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) is proud to announce the publication of Holy Imagination: A Literary and Theological Introduction to the Whole Bible (Nashville: Abingdon Press 2021), a new book by Professor of Old Testament the Rev. Judy Fentress-Williams, Ph.D. 

The many voices in scripture form a dialogue with readers, which produce theological truths that are larger than the individual parts. This introduction is informed by both literary theory and theology. It groups sections of the whole Bible together by genre. Each section identifies and describes the genre (such as historiography, poetry, prophecy, gospel, letter, apocalypse), and then moves into a discussion about the literary characteristics and theological insights. 

I love the pace and feel of the book, said the Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D., dean and president of VTS. It is a real skill to write a book that pulsates with learning yet is accessible. It is not footnote-heavy, but every sentence is underpinned by reading. The dedicated teacher has, through this book, made the world her classroom. Now everyone can discover the Bible. 

Dr. Fentress-Williams has taught Old Testament at VTS since 2002. Her fields of expertise include Hebrew Bible, dialogic interpretation, religious studies, African American studies, and literary criticism. She received her Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Yale University in 1999 and was ordained as a minister of the Gospel in the National Baptist Convention and Progressive National Baptist Convention in 2012.  


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