Preaching Congregations

“Preaching is soul work … Strengthening preaching is not fundamentally about offering tips or teaching techniques, but about nourishing preachers and listeners for this challenging work.”


The Rev. Ruthanna Hooke, Ph.D.
Professor of Homiletics
Program Director, Preaching Congregations Initiative

About the Program

Preaching Congregations Initiative (PCI), is a congregationally-based program of renewal and formation for preachers and listeners. The overarching purpose of this program is to make preaching a truly communal endeavor, one for which preachers and listeners take responsibility and develop local, sustainable practices to identify and support preachers. This purpose will be furthered by these objectives: to describe a preaching congregation, to expand the church’s understanding of preaching, to create mechanisms for constructive methods of sermon response, to engage congregation members more actively in the sermon creation process for contextually-tuned preaching, and to discern gifts for preaching among congregation members, thus sharing the ministry of preaching more broadly within the community. PCi will nurture participants through intentional communal, spiritual, and holistic practices, and through engagement with the arts.

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