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Baptismal Vows Index

As mentioned in our October eNews, Baptized for Life (BFL), one of the Department of Lifelong Learning’s Lilly Endowment Inc. funded grant initiatives, is officially ending this month. As the grant work transitions from a focus on participating faith communities to resourcing the wider church, we would like to share news on one of BFL’s final projects, […]

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Baptized for Life: Five Years of Baptismal and Vocational Nurturing

Baptized for Life (BFL) is a Lilly Endowment Inc. funded grant initiative that, over five years, nurtured participating congregations across six dioceses through a baptismal and vocational lens, affirming that confident Christian vocations are formed around scripture, community, and the sacraments to live faithfully in the world (vocation) every day. One of the largest groups in the […]

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