Christin Lazo

Date: May 17, 2022

For three years both Elizabeth Panox-Leach and I, in the Communications Office, have been fortunate to have Christin Lazo as a colleague. She came during an interesting time when we needed help to keep things moving. She did so with a professional eye and expert, reliable focus. Funny and kind, it was always good to come into work and strategize with her. She brought so much to this office.

During extensions, and during the website overhaul, and during even more extensions, and then during a pandemic, Christin’s addition to our office elevated all our work. At times, Christin could be where we could not. She has not only been responsible for our social media platforms, and weekly and monthly email newsletters, but also copy editing and photography (as I mentioned yesterday, she took the cover picture for the next VTS Journal, which is outstanding). And now, today, she and her husband, Andrew, are leaving campus for a new and exciting calling in Florida.

I am grateful for her time and devotion. While we are in a good place, I am thankful that she agreed to one last extension – to help us out remotely until the end of August 2022.  Thank you!

Curtis Prather
Director, Communications and Marketing

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