Baptismal Living Resources

A Christian Life of Faith

Signs and Thresholds along The Way

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For baptized Christians who wonder what their journey of faith is in relationship with God, themselves, their neighbors, and all of creation. Living your faith within the faith community asks, “How am I growing in faith within an expanding circle of believers?

With God’s Help

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Baptismal Living Breviary

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The Well: Agua de Vida

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Bilingual Morning Prayer

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Journey to Baptism Blog

For More Information on contemporary practices of the Catechumenate

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Building Faith Website

Articles and Practices; For more resources on baptism and formation

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Discipleship Trainings

Teaching on the Catechumenate (Part 1, 2, & 3)

Download the PDF Training Guide for The Discipleship Process

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Operationalizing Baptism

Confirmation Resources

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Mutual Ministry Resources

What is Mutual Ministry?

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Mutual Ministry 101

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